Company Mission

What makes us unique

The mission of SARIA is to create value for its customers and suppliers thanks to a safe and reliable service and to create value for the environment through the transformation of organic resources into high quality ingredients for the sectors that will be key in the future of our planet: agriculture, energy, food, animal feed and pharma.  The entrepreneurial spirit, the hands-on mentality and a true passion for our business guide all the group subsidiaries throughout the world.

In ECB the statement “we create value” means great attention to customer requirements, research for continuous innovation and real team work of all the employees, each of which feels respected and valued.

Mission aziendale ECB Company



The six pillars of ECB’s company culture



Constant improvement

Each individual must always focus on how to do better every day, in line with the company vision that performance is driven by an incremental approach.



Great dedication should be put in the ideation of new, enhanced solutions for the product and of agile and more effective business processes, in order to anticipate market requirements and make the company even more successful. New ideas should be welcomed with an open mindset.



Everybody is always asked to challenge their own role and the status quo, so as to identify and propose new and more efficient ways to work. The sentence: “We’ve always done like this” is banned.



Everybody needs to count on the skills and competences of their colleagues and collaborators so that the organisation can move forward in an efficient and effective manner. Any possible difficulties should always be addressed with a spirit of collaboration.



Relationships with others should always be based on maximum attention to the requirements and sensitivity of each individual. A strong focus on results should never mean neglecting the respect and dignity of other people. Respect is a key requirement for a healthy work environment. It promotes teamwork and increases productivity and efficiencies in the workplace. It lets employees know they are valued for their abilities, qualities and achievements, and is a pre-requirement for people development.


People development

Everybody has unique strengths and talents and developing such talents is the key to interpret change, face market challenges, achieve high levels of performance. The contribution of each employee adds value to the company, because diversity generates innovation. At the same time we foster the acquisition of new skills and competences for all our employees, both for their personal motivation and for enhancing knowledge within the company.

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