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Solid experience, modern vision

ECB Company S.r.l. deals with the production of semifinished products deriving from by-products of poultry slaughter; specifically, it produces proteic meal and fat destined for animal feed, agriculture and the oleo-chemical industry.

The Company objective is to contribute to a much more sustainable economy through the use and value-adding of by-products of the food supply chain that are not normally used for human consumption due to habit or culture: they are therefore transformed by applying the highest possible food and hygiene standards and become the main raw material for petfood and feed for aquaculture.


ECB sede

ECB camion

ECB is one of the main companies in Europe operating in the processing of poultry by-products; it was established by a far-sighted businessman from Treviglio in the Seventies and it has been renowned for product innovation and quality focus ever since. In July 2017, it was acquired by SARIA International Gmbh, in the SARVAL division.

The acquisition by the European leader in the rendering business has benefitted the company, bringing synergies in knowledge and processes, long term objectives and more modern management tools; at the same time the new leadership has been able to enhance the skills and experience of the “old” ECB people and today the company continues to pursue product excellence thanks to a virtuous mix of experience and efficiency.

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