Model 231

The Organisation, Management and Control Model (Leg. Dec. 231/2001)

Legislative Decree No. 231 of June 8th, 2001 – referred to as Law 231 in Italy – addresses administrative liability of companies, stating that companies that are found liable may face penalties for crimes committed or attempted by directors or employees in the interest or to the advantage of the company. Law 231 states that a company cannot be held liable if, prior to the crime being committed, it adopted and effectively implemented organisational, management and control models designed to prevent this kind of crime, and has established a body for monitoring their functioning and compliance.

In order to ensure, to the greatest possible extent, that the perpetration of the offences set out in the aforementioned Decree is prevented, ECB has adopted its own Organisation, Management and Control Model, which represents a vital guide for all employees and stakeholders, providing clear lines of conduct,  layouts of control and measures to prevent crimes and corruption as much as possible.

The Organisational Model consists of:

  • The Code of Ethics, in which the company mission is described and where the rights, duties and responsibilities of the company with regards to the addressees (employees, suppliers, customers, public administration etc.) are listed;
  • a General Part in which the objectives and principles of the model are described and their essential elements are identified and regulated, including the disciplinary system;
  • a Special Part that contains a description of the offences for which the liability of the entity is subsistent, a layout of the risks of committing crimes pursuant to Leg. Dec. 231/2001 and the specific procedures listed in the sections that the special part is made up of.
  • Integrityline


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