The SARIA Group

A sound german industrial group

The SARIA group works in different fields, all related to the transformation of organic resources deriving from by-products or waste of the food industry for a new use in agriculture, animal feed, pharmaceutical or as a source of energy.

Each of the divisions of SARIA - SecAnim, ReFood, ecoMotion, SARVAL, Bioceval, Van Hessen and Bioiberica - supplies products and services to several markets.

SecAnim processes Cat. 2, therefore animal by-products that, after been subject to controls, are harmful to health.  The use of such by-products is only for technical purposes: fertilizers, biogas and compost.

ReFood collects and disposes of food no longer destined for human consumption because it has expired or due to production problems; it separates the humid part from the packaging and differentiates the disposal process, to allow for reuse or new use of both elements.

ecoMotion produces biodiesel from sustainable oil and fat.

SARVAL, which is the division of ECB, transforms Cat. 3 animal waste.

Bioceval specialises in the processing of by-products from the fish and aquaculture industries.

Van Hessen is the world leader in the collection and processing of natural gut.

Bioiberica extracts pharmaceutical active ingredients from co-products of slaughter and it is the largest Western manufacturer of natural heparin.

Each division follows the same strategies of specialisation and international expansion that generally influence the agrobusiness and the meat industry.  The Group has undergone an important growth throughout the last few years and has constantly increased its presence and its portfolio of products and services.

Creating and sharing value” is the objective of SARIA in the recycling of animal co-products and biological waste: creating a concrete value for customers and partners and promoting true sustainability in the use of natural resources, maximising their potential.


SARIA is part of the Rethmann group, which includes REMONDIS, a company operating in the collection and re-cycling of industrial waste and the worldwide logistics and transport company RHENUS LOGISTICS.

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